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Our Story

I’ve heard many times that planning your wedding day is one of the most stressful things you will do as a couple. So let us join you in that venture, whilst we are in the run-up to our own wedding, and allow us to help capture your day in the popular must-have wedding essential of cinematic videography.

Meet the couple behind ‘ooh nice productions’

Whilst growing up my parents have teased me for ‘always being the bridesmaid and never the bride’….on my fifth turn at being bridesmaid I did start to believe that maybe this was just my chosen role within all future weddings I would attend. Little did I know there was someone out there with similar feelings as me…’always part of the wedding band and never dancing along to the band’.

Sam and I met over 3 years ago, I was working full time at a Doctors surgery and Sam was running a family appliance business. I was also doing my part-time bridesmaid duties, whilst Sam was singing in a wedding function band at the weekends. Those of you who know us will have guessed that Sam is the driving force of the ‘ohh nice productions’ business venture…the brain behind all the computer parts, the finances, the advertising, the legalities, basically the bits I class as the manly boring essentials. I on the other hand am the spell-checker, the font chooser, the quality-checker, the Pinterest researcher looking for fresh and new ideas to bring to the table. Together as a couple we are energetic, approachable, considerate, hard-working and always enthusiastic.

A few years down the line in our own relationship we are now happily engaged and excited to be planning our future together.

If you ask our family and friends we are known for booking holidays like they are going out of fashion, this is where we discovered our interest in photography, videography and documenting our memories. For every holiday we go on (we are not ashamed to admit this is usually at least 3 a year) we create a short film with all the highlights that made it special for us. Not only do we love creating them, we love the end product that allows us to look back and laugh at all the small things we may have otherwise forgotten. This is something I will treasure as I grow older and my memory is filled with new memories. Alongside this we also have experience with shooting music videos. Fortunately Sam is part of a country band and this means endless opportunities for filming and producing music videos. I was first handed the camera at a festival and given the responsibility to get some footage for a lyric video for his band – I was in my element sneaking amongst the crowd getting footage of people’s feet stomping, drinks slopping and heads bopping, I embraced every minute of it. Sam with his speedy editing skills soon edited all the footage into a successful lyric video that I’m proud to say I was a part of, one of our first joint successes. This is when we both realised that we have a passion for this, that we each have our own individual skill set and together create a unique his and hers bond.

Why I would recommend videography at your wedding

The love, the community, the family and friends, the laughs, the Dad-dancing, the subtle touches – all of this combined is what will make your big day memorable. Not all of this can be captured in your still photos, and that’s why videography is now such a popular wedding essential to invest in. When I look back on my own wedding day I want to see the guests reactions, I want to see the flower girl physically spinning around in excitement, I want to see the best man fumbling for the rings, I want to see a tear in my grandparents eye, I want to see who hits the dance floor first, I will want to relive the day over and over. That is why we want to share this with you, to give you the opportunity to document your special day in a non-intrusive, relaxed and enjoyable way.

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