You are currently viewing Couples photography session – An engagement session at Hawkridge Reservoir, Quantocks.

Couples photography session – An engagement session at Hawkridge Reservoir, Quantocks.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan, or don’t go our way.
That’s life unfortunately. No-one has endless luck and there will always be curveballs to keep you on your toes. (Kind of fitting in this current circumstance of isolation.)
Where am I going with this? How is this engagement session related? Well, a date was scheduled to capture some couples portraits of our close friends Edd and Alex – a request we were more than honoured to fulfill.
They were planning the modern day invites, online delivery of a custom made website to all of their guests and needed the images to create their vision. They knew what location and style pictures they wanted and we arranged a trip to Durdle door in Dorset, a stunning natural landmark on the coast. We visited the landmark in advance as it had been years since our last visit and we wanted to suss out the prime locations. 
When the day arrived the weather was not on our side, classic England. With it being a little travel away in the car we knew we wouldn’t get the weather we wanted for the shots we were imagining but didn’t want to postpone the date as they were on a time limit to create the online invites. 
So we suggested a plan B, a wild card. A nearby forest walk, that we knew wasn’t a popular location but we could picture how stunning the green and forestry background would look. It would perfectly portray their adventurous and outdoorsy personalities. They were more than happy with the last minute change of plan and so we made our way to Hawkridge reservoir in Somerset.
”Working with Sam & Megan was so easy, even when the plans had to change! We had originally planned to do a beach shoot, but the weather just wasn’t right for the idea’s we all had. Knowing that we wanted to use the photos for our invites, we were quickly running out of time. After talking this though with Sam & Megan, they found a new woodland location that would work perfectly with the mild March weather. Although this wasn’t what we had originally planned, we were so happy with the photos and suddenly the change of location didn’t even matter. We cannot wait to get these framed!”

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