Hi, we’re Sam + Megan! A husband and wife from Somerset that absolutely adore filming Weddings.

All of this started with a camera, a lot of late nights and the passion to do something meaningful. Since first meeting in 2015 we have always had a camera in our hands, from filming Sam’s bands music videos to vlogging our adventures travelling round the world. We had a connection with video right from the start and it’s incredible that we now get to do what we love for other amazing couples.

On the Wedding day we like to work in a very natural way, letting moments unfold and capturing them discreetly. So many of our couples and their families are blown away by their films simply because they can’t believe what we captured while they barely noticed we were even there.

We both truly believe in Marriage. Our Wedding day marked a change in our relationship that we honestly didn’t see coming. We became so strongly bound together and our sense of purpose to one another grew endlessly. Because of this we have such a passion for capturing Weddings.

It’s so important to have something tangible to remind you how all of this started. To see the day you made a decision to be together forever. Honestly, we can’t wait to watch ours back in 25 years!

Sam | The Go-Getter
  • I drink way too much coffee
  • Buy way too many guitars
  • Stay up late pretty much all the time
  • I can’t leave things unfinished
  • I’m sure craft beers hypnotise me into drinking them
  • I’m never satisfied, good or bad I always have a desire to achieve more
Megan | The Country Girl
  • I have a love-hate relationship with running
  • Early mornings are my jam
  • I can’t see a puppy and not cuddle it
  • I’ve never stayed awake for a whole movie
  • Wasted far to many hours keeping up with the Kardashians
  • A glass of wine at home with friends is my perfect evening