Now there is quite a lot of information on this page but we honestly believe that RAW Footage is so valuable and we want to fully explain why we think it’s great. Not only is it a piece of history from your Wedding day but there will be loads of amazing moments that may not have been in your film.

What is raw footage?
First of all, you may be thinking what is this ‘raw footage’ we speak of? It is unedited clips, not colour-corrected, no audio enhancement, just the footage as it would appear on the back of the camera.
We ‘shoot to edit’ meaning that we capture clips that we know we will need to make an incredible film, and this means we capture multiple short clips of your entire day, but not every clip makes the cut or makes it into the final film. This could be because the exposure is not perfect (eg the clip is too light or too dark) , the clip may be slightly shaky, or it may just not fit with the style of your edit. For example there may be a shot of a close relative, but if it is slightly shakey, or someone walks into shot during the clip then it may not be used in the final edit.
Be aware that not every clip is perfect, a guest may look at the camera, the camera may be moved during filming to capture another moment or there may be multiple panning shots of some table decor – but this will all be included amongst the files you receive. 
The audio on clips such as your ceremony and your speeches will not sound the same as the audio of those same clips in your finished wedding film. As videographers we pride ourselves in capturing good audio, and this takes time and equipment to do so. We record important audio moments (eg, letter readings, ceremonies and speeches) on separate audio devices and then spend a lot of time after the wedding syncing these audio clips with the footage we have captured on the camera. This is a timely and intricate process and you should be aware that the raw footage you receive will not have any audio enhancements made to it, it is purely the audio captured on the camera at the time of filming.
What will I receive?
A quality hard drive with multiple clips ranging in length, anything from 2 second clips, to 30 minute clips of ceremonies and speeches. (We would recommend that you still create your own back-up of this footage, the same as we do with all our weddings in case of hard drive failure). As an estimate, we typically use around 100 clips in one of our films, but on the day we film at least 300!
What can I do with it?
You can look at each clip individually to see all of what we captured on the day. You can take screen grabs of the footage to save as images, these will not be as large as a profesional photo but still very good quality. You can send clips to friends and family and post them on social media to share special moments.
Why should I buy it?
Due to the size of the files we come home with after a Wedding, we simply cannot keep all the raw footage of each Wedding for an infinite period of time. Unfortunatley we eventually have to clear hard drives and keep only the finalised edited films, thus deleting all the raw unedited footage. It is your way of owning all the footage, and having access to it forever.